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Bourns Announces New Lead Style Options

Aggiornamento: 19 ott 2023

IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protection Component Series


Riverside, California – August 31, 2023 – Bourns is pleased to announce the addition of two new lead configurations for the innovative IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protection Component Series.

The following images depict the new straight (L1) and crimped (L5) lead configurations now being offered.

  • High energy handling density

  • Hybrid (MOV and GDT) design

  • Extended temperature range

  • Ring-wave tolerant

  • Low capacitance

  • UL recognized

  • RoHS compliant*


AC Line Protection

DC Line Protection

White goods

Solar inverters

Fire alarm systems

Power supplies

High value consumer goods

Distribution systems

LED lighting

UL1449 SPD

Industrial equipment

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