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Bourns Introduces AEC-Q200 Compliant1 ResettableMiniature Thermal Cutoff Overtemperature Protectio

Riverside, California – March 10, 2023 – Bourns, Inc. is pleased to introduce its new Model SD and AD Series Resettable Miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) Mini-breaker devices. These are the first TCO devices tested by Bourns to AEC-Q200-listed stress tests. The SD and AD Series’ advanced overtemperature protection technologies make them ideal solutions for a broad variety of applications such as heaters, motors, cables and printed circuit board components. They also offer excellent overtemperature protection for lithium-ion batteries in notebook PCs, tablets, smartphones and powerbanks. The new Model SD and AD Series feature high current and low resistance (less than 4 mΩ) offered in either a surface mount (SD) or axial leaded / weldable (AD) package. Both series also offer the option for the TCO device to be either non-automatically resettable (self-hold function) or automatically resettable (non self-hold function). These devices feature the industry’s widest range of mini-breaker trip temperatures, from 55 °C up to 150 °C, and provide a trip temperature tolerance of ±5 °C 2 . The new Model AD and SD Series are RoHS compliant* and Bourns designed both families using its highest-rated corrosion resistant bimetal mechanism for better endurance in humid environments compared to standard TCO devices.

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