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Bourns Multifuse Product Line Announces the Model MF-SMHT High Temperature PPTC Resettable Fuse Series Extension

Riverside, California – May 9, 2024 – The Bourns Multifuse Product Line is pleased to announce the extension of its Model MF-SMHT High Temperature Surface Mount Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) Resettable Fuse Series. The new Model MF-SMHT300 expands the series’ hold current range from 1.36 A ~ 3.0 A.


Size (EIA)

Ihold (A)

Vmax (VDC)

Imax (A)

RoHS Compliant*

Halogen Free**

AEC-Q200 Compliant






The new Model MF-SMHT300 Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuse is RoHS compliant* and is produced in Bourns’ IATF 16949 certified facility.


  • Compliant with AEC-Q200 Rev-E Stress Test Qualification for Passive Components in Automotive Applications

  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C

  • Low thermal derating factor

  • High power ratings with higher hold currents at elevated temperatures

  • Surface mount packaging for automated assembly

  • RoHS compliant* and halogen free**


  • Protection of various automotive circuitries

  • Overcurrent surge protection of electronic equipment operating in elevated temperatures

  • Resettable fault protection of general electronic equipment

  • Communication and security systems

  • Body electronics

  • Climate control systems

* RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.

** Bourns considers a product to be “halogen free” if (a) the Bromine (Br) content is 900 ppm or less; (b) the Chlorine (Cl) content is 900 ppm or less; and (c) the total Bromine (Br) and Chlorine (Cl) content is 1500 ppm or less.

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