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Murata and IIJ to launch a new IoT data service, “Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform”


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Murata and IIJ have today announced the launch of the Crossborder Co-DataBiz IoT data service platform, a collaborative service founded on the sensing and network technologies, data analytics, business model knowledge and know-how developed by the two organizations through the highly successful Traffic Counter data service.

Commercially available from today, the platform enables one-stop provision of everything required to setup and operate a cross-border data collection and analysis business. Customers of the service gain access to all systems and functions required to collect, analyze, and act upon acquired data, including the sensor devices, the networks necessary for data collection, the cloud infrastructure for data utilization, and monitoring and operating systems at both the edge and the cloud.

Murata’s expertise in advanced IoT devices is complimented by IIJ’s cloud services, certified for privacy protection to APEC CBPR*1 and European BCR*2 approval. Security measures for data storage and utilization are ensured by Safous, IIJ's network service providing integrated, zero-trust level 4 security. This robust and secure platform complies with all relevant local laws and regulations within Southeast Asia, including aspects relating to cross-border use of acquired data. Customers can also leverage Murata’s know-how and relationships with local service providers and governments to customize the collection, accumulation, analysis, and visualization of their operational data.

The Co-Databiz platform is ideally suited to applications such as:

  • Maintenance of roads and equipment in public transportation

  • Traceability management of automobile and other mobile data

  • Sensing of local workers in ports and industrial areas and improving the working environment

  • Soil, water, and production management in smart agriculture

Two early examples of customer solutions built upon the Co-Databiz platform include:

The Tripod Works TRac Cloud solution enables centralized management of alcohol checker measurements in the cloud via a smartphone app. The solution also enables ID verification by transmitting photographs along with the result. This service is being developed in response to commercial driving regulations, currently in Japan and soon to become legal requirements in Thailand. IIJ and Murata’s expertise will guarantee the security of this confidential information in accordance with local laws.

Nippon Koei and UrbanX Technologies are developing an AI solution which automatically detect road surface damage based on images obtained from smartphones and other cameras installed in vehicles and displays maps and detailed road surface damage information on a management screen on the Web. The solution enables local governments to save labor costs, improve the efficiency of road inspections and repairs and implement preventative maintenance programs.

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