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Murata New 470 μF Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Aggiornamento: 9 ott 2023

Data centers are not only requiring high-performance networks and accelerators but also faster servers for high-performance data processing.

To help manage the power requirements of these systems, Murata developed a low-profile, high-capacitance, low-ESR polymer capacitor. Miniaturization reduces the amount of surface area required for mounting on electronic components, and it also helps Murata reduce material requirements and lower energy consumption during processing.


  • Polymer aluminum electrolytic D case size (7.3 x 4.3mm size with max height of 2mm)

  • 470 μF capacitance +/-20%

  • Low ESR

  • Low-profile capacitor provides better mounting synergy with IC heat sinks

  • Helps maintain stable high-speed server IC function

  • Reduces component count/lowers costs

  • RoHS approved

  • 105° degrees C max temperature


Ideal for suppressing IC voltage fluctuations in high-speed data center servers

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