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Bourns Releases New Planar Transformers

Model PLN0xx-ER20 Series

Riverside, California – February 21, 2024Bourns Magnetics Product Line is pleased to introduce the new Model PLN0xx-ER20 Series Planar Transformers. These new planar transformers are a perfect solution for high power PoE applications from 60 to 71 watts requiring a low profile and high power density.

The new Model PLN0xx-ER20 Series Planar Transformers are flyback converter transformers operating at a switching frequency of 200 kHz with low leakage inductance at 0.5 μH. The available output voltages are from 3.3 to 24 V with output current from 2.4 to 21 A, all of which can withstand Hi-Pot at 1500 Vrms. The operating temperature range is from -40 °C to +125 °C for these low profile, RoHS compliant*, surface mount components.

The PLNxxx-ER20 Series has high efficiency with excellent DCR, and it is suitable to be used in various applications, including flyback transformers for high power PoE applications, industrial power systems, Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), LED lighting, and Battery Management Systems (BMS).



  • DC-DC transformer: 60 to 71 watts

  • Flyback converter topology

  • Low leakage inductance

  • Low profile component

  • Surface mount

  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +125 °C

  • RoHS compliant*


  • High power PoE applications

  • Industrial power systems

  • Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

  • LED lighting

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)

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